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The pitch:
Captain Unikorn is a mystical man-horse hero that kills bigots.

IFN founders Christian and Rianna Vilaire, Henry Barajas, and Don Blackwell will make comics until the day they die.
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Page 22

Dear Readers,

Welcome back, I missed you.

I got a new job as the online editor for the Tucson Weekly. That’s right. I’m an editor. Hard to believe that I get to do what I love for a living. This job has taken all my time, and I couldn’t be happier.

Unfortunately, my comic book, standup, personal life and relationships have suffered because I’m now 24/7 thinking of how to do my job as an editor better.

Christian has taken a larger role at his current place of employment, and he’s overwhelmed as well. Both of us has had some complicated home lives, but that’s something we have to face and overcome. 

Captain Unikorn is still alive in our minds and hearts. The first book is done but we have so much planned for this character, and other stories we want to tell. One day we will tell them because we love comics. 

Comic books are our first loves. We wish we had the time to make our ideas a reality.

Thank you for reading this page, and we hope to see you next week.


Henry Barajas